Vague Bulletin

Surprised I’m up this early.  7:25, was out of bed around 6:40 I want to say.  This whole day is about production, making it its own business.  ‘81421’ I call it.  So many thoughts about running and yesterday’s 5 miles that I just went out and did.  Yes, no hills like the other house, but I logged 5 miles.  Want to run today, but thinking maybe rest a day then hit pavement early in morning tomorrow.  Not that that ever happens., but…. It’s a semi-plan..

Another fucking fly woke me this morning.  Or rather, wouldn’t let me go back to sleep.  Thankful to the fly, if you want to know the truth.  Wine tasting yesterday, having some wine with neighborhood friends putting wine business ideas in this writer’s frame and decisions.  Hmmm…. Meaning what.  Not sure yet.  A wine division of Bottledaux, which of course would be the #vinovinevin blog.  I’ll get out to one of the valleys today, do some tasting, take some notes.

Looking for journal, and it’s in the car.  Shit.  Don’t want to go back outside.  Cozy here with the latte.  Hear big kids whispering upstairs… should go spook them.  Why not.