Sales, the only object.

Yes I’ll prospect and network or whatever people call it now…. Speaking of, have to drop by an IT vendor’s office.  Will do in a minute.  Would be nice to get in a drive.  OR, maybe after a run at 24, some speed work on tread.  Yes.  Will leave at 11.

Communicated pricing to prospect.  She seemed to like it but I can’t hold my breath.  Already got burned doing that once.  Or, more than once to be honest.  There’s no ink till paper is INKED, I repeat to myself.

Listening to Coltrane, feeling more election than I did yesterday.  Promising self a used book today… from Hemingway, anything Hemingway.  Short sentences, to the point, strong.  Been learning the value of such more and more in recent days.

Looking out window at mountains, then past that hill to the hills or mountains in far distance, and it’s a though the world is daring me.  To do just this.  Write.  Mike you quota by writing… develop new prospecting methods by writing.. LETTERS, and a blog… yes, a new blog.  Or not… just contribute to the #prospectesk project more and more.

Bed early last night and no wine has me like an electrical storm with a voice this morning.  Seriously, I feel different.  My words appear in a new ways on page.  Huh, I say to myself.  Looking at notes, budgeting numbers scribbled into journal.

New characters find their way to. My story….  Taken, me, my thoughts.  Distracted.  Perplexed, the poetry is unusual but gripping.

Holding self to one poem today, rather than entertaining writing 3…. Gotta get back to AE story, communicate some more pricing, possibly.  Just give me a few more minutes, I need it.  To collect, to examine this new Mike Madigan…. The Road ahead of him, the music.

Wake tomorrow at 4-something, I tell myself.  Should be easy, given this new consistency of early bed and no vino.