Only 3 miles ran, and my pace was shit.

Not used to the hills here, and the heat shot upward in temp as soon as I locked the front door.  Ran 3, walk 1 all the way back.  Over 17 hours into fast, should probably get something for lunch.  Set one appointment with prospect and Engineer, not sure it’ll go anywhere.  Plan for next month, never be at a computer, just walk around everywhere, leave and give out cards, be like a politician campaigning.  This month is done, I’ve decided.  August needs to be ALL visibility.  Everywhere… positive attitude and wishing people well.  New paragraph culture and collective composition.

Got distracted by something, and I can’t remember what.  Think notes on the shift.  Either way, lunch.  Need some.  Have cards ready for meeting with leads group tonight.  Have to stop by bank….  Have things to do.  Keep moving.

3:07, lunch done.  Only ate half the sandwich.  Lost hunger, stomach must have shrunk or something.  Been in this same location all day.  Getting up to leave shortly.


8:23pm, water.  Another night with no wine.  Loved too much how I’ve felt these last couple mornings.  Tomorrow I’m up around 4:30, I’m hoping.