Bed before 10 last night, and no wine.  Had trouble getting to sleep, thinking about work and the shift, possibly traveling somewhere soon by myself.  Writing… what that person said in the leads meeting yesterday about writing, and how that is everything to her.  Actually, it was one member presenting on another.  Either way, I thought the story itself was speaking directly to me.  Mike Madigan’s story speaking to him, telling what direction to take.

6:53, thinking about that David Sedaris interview.  Sedaris and what he does…. This semester, which begins three weeks from Monday of this week.  Not looking forward to teaching over my blog, or zoom meetings – fuck I’m so sick of those.  Breathe, as someone told me to do recently.  Put out a much love and positivity, #pozvibez as I say,  into the world.  It has to come back, I tell myself.  And not that’s the reason I’m doing it, but start thinking maybe certain facets of reality that I don’t care for or enjoy or downright dislike are an echo of something I offered the world.  Just a thought…

Thinking about an Oliver’s latte.  Surprised how good they are.  Yes, I’m addicted.

Love early.