Getting ahead of myself with business and sales thoughts, and I think that’s much the problem.

Coffee this morning from Keurig, no espresso left in house.  Good, need change in habit and morning sequence.  Forcing self to move too quickly isn’t beneficial to me or any project.

6:52, warm already down here.  Maybe it’s just me, this eagerness and just plain impatience about me.  Have to quell that somehow.  Just don’t do it, I tell myself.  Think about something else… like what… travel.  To Oregon.  Sunriver— Shit, the Mona novel which I haven’t even touched or really thought about since…..  Running.  Think and write only that.  4pm, go to gym.  Eat light for lunch, salad and sparkling water.  Yesterday’s run in the heat then going straight to Preston to meet family and family friends, simply exhausted me.  Running in the heat, something I want to do more often and train self to do better, my aim yesterday so I did it.

Speed work today.  One hour.  Thinking the Rohnert Park ’24’….  Spotting other races to possibly do.  114 days till the Marin half-marathon, the one I’m signed to do.  One hundred, fourteen, days.  Seems like forever away and in front of me like some shore I know eventually I’ll see.  Can’t think of it that way.  Every day is race day.


Life, my life, like a marathon… the metaphor may be a bit obvious, but still connected and relevant.  Today’s workout may be broken up, since I’m thinking of doing EVERYTHING differently.  Some weights, maybe, for the last 30 minutes.  Or, 45 treadmill then 15 weights, one muscle area.  Older I get I don’t want running to be the only thing I do.  “42, switch it up Mike.”, I say to myself eyeing the last sip in the coffee cup.  Just like with the AE story, and sales.