I’m a

blogger, and use a lot of tags.  A lot.  Now I think about each, and why, individually.  Happiness, DIY, Philosophy, ‘do what you love’….  What do I do.  There’s something there, something more than just “tags”.  A recipe for what we all want in life, and yes I’ll say all of us… Health, Happiness, NO or very little stress.  LOVE…. Doing what we love.  Interesting… this though hitting me now before I get on the Road to San Rafael, then to Novato.

Sonic and what it embodies… SONIC, an internet company but such a colossal composition beyond just internet and internet connectivity, technology, WiFi, VoIP and whatever else.  My thinking gets into a new beat, and ties itself in caressing and intimate knots.  Ought leave… take latte, record voice notes on way down to Marin.  Email comes in, I don’t check it, at least not right away.. too attached and attracted to what this perception provides.

Happiness… and not negotiation. MY own definition and characterization.  To be happy, make myself happy even if the Road entails turbulence and a couple painful points.  Closer than I thought I was… MUSIC.  Everywhere.  What I love, how hold it, sooner.