9:04, a little more gathering and readying before hitting Road to San Rafael, stopping by their Chamber, then Novato.  Then Petaluma.  Cracking down on budgeting, spending.  In a good place money-wise, but could be a little higher elevation.  No worries as that does nothing.  The shift picking up new momentum with a discover and new conversation started yesterday.  

In this Starbucks, realizing time and its writing of Mike Madigan – influencing how he sees what he sees.  The time you have versus the unknown of time left.  How the unknown motivates or shoves you to move a certain way, with some unique and punctuated intensity.  And with sales, selling what I do and how any ore I hate the words sales and selling.  Writer, that’s what I am… blogger.  Make this AE story and sea something else.  The end-image of me at the desk, typing as I am, then the entire day free, free to run, walk, think, scribble in journal.

I really should get going…. Not doing much at the moment other than swimming in my own images and thought puddles.  Poetry, challenging self again to write only in verse… why.  Because.  More music.