Writing at Acre Coffee.

Don’t come here a lot but I had to take an important call and there was little to no reception at Stony Point spot.  Sparkling water.  Other place didn’t have any….  Like feel of this place more than a Starbucks, no surprise.  More art or culture, or architecture, doesn’t feel as recycled as a Starbucks does.

Listening to chill, ambient house.  Think playlist is called… wait let me look…. Poolside Lounge.

13.5 hours into fast.  By the time I take the first bite of salad at my lunch with my lawyer friend the 15th hour should have landed, I think.  If my math is right, which it hardly ever is.

Not sure I’m sold on Fort Bragg.  Honestly, what made me think of it?  Santa Barbara’s too far away… Tahoe, meh….  Don’t have to decide now, no rush I remind myself.  With anything.  It will ALL get figured out… should be writing emails, more than the one I just sent.

Not in mood if you really want to know.  And not sure you do.  Hot outside, cool in here but every so often a warm, basically hot gust passes me, try to pass through me.