In office, 12:46pm, just had a quick call with prospect.  Think he’s going to sign, but we’ll see.  Drinking coffee, short cup.  Not sure if something’s up with the machine or not.  About to go through these cards, from yesterday and Monday, and see if anyone bites.  Forgetting about the Berkeley prospect, the big one I keep hoping lands.

Getting haircut at some point today.  Just messaged friend to see if she can take me.  Doubt it, being last notice and she books up quick without any prospecting or marketing.  All referrals.  This gives me an idea, as I’m starting to get tired of prospecting.  Some days I’m all about it, like yesterday with my boastful and eager, hungry attitude, but today I’m in no composition for such course.

Sent a storm of emails out.  Just scheduled call for next week.  Typing on Sonic laptop, to be in as much the Bottledaux character and fiberoptic voice as I can. Discovering a new way and attitude about me.  Staying in this swiveling office chair for as long as I can…  The idea of fiberoptics, connectivity, community, conversation.. if I just focus on fiber, and Sonic, and Sonic being Bottledaux, the AE story….  I’ll be On The Road.

Need more coffee, or sparking water, a walk around this office.  I still stand amazed, or sit so as the case is with me here at this little cube, that this whole Sonic thing started from an idea.  In his mother’s garage… while he was working IT at Santa Rosa Junior College.  I think of what I said to the prospect a bit ago, in that side office with the door closed, talking about the company like it’s my own.  And maybe it is, this small AE slice… studying Sonic’s site, like it’s a Kerouac or Lawson book.  Writing my own stack of pages here at this small incubator of a desk.  This is where I started when I first landed in the Enterprise Division, 7/1/19.  So long ago.  And I am just starting, today.  A new walk and beat, a new drive, new Road.  A newly-drawn Holy Contour of life.

Never would have thought an internet company would make me more a writer….