May Need Another Espresso Shot, Seriously

2:25pm, been back from field and quick 30 min session on treadmill.  Could’t las the hour after walking for nearly two hours with Mark.  More new leads than I have time now to touch.  Saving for tomorrow.  So what am I doing the rest of the day then….  Tonight starting a new network/fiber footprint leads list.  Then, new marketing plan for self.  Aim for tonight… BE IN THIS GODDAMN CHAIR.  No news, no Netflix.  The desk, the chair, the keys.

Ended fast just after 16 hours.  Quite a win for day, I have to self say.  What now…. Maybe have a beer somewhere, go for a drive, get out of house.  Or just stay in chair as I plan to tomorrow.  Don’t leave, remain in the way of page.  This morning being up with Henry and refusing to write after everyone left but rather take that nap to recharge.  Set alarm for 9 and when it was sounding I was up, no delay.  Readied with espresso then down to Rohnert Park.  What I should have done was get the running recorded earlier the do field visit.  Try again tomorrow to get run done right after everyone leaves, but my history in that regard…..

Neighborhood kids outside playing, not as loud as they will be later when they’re in our backyard with my uncontrollable jackal-pups and I cringe only thinking what all surrounding neighbors must be thinking.  Quiet house now though, wind again pushing tree across street.  Now my head goes to nothingness, a blank, then vacation, the beach house.  Haven’t forgotten it.  How can I… it’s one of my controlling bullseyes.

Leftover chow mein from last night, of course not as good but was so hungry I didn’t care.  Fasting is getting harder to complete, extend.  Excited I made it as long as I did last night and into today.  Yes, excited.