a thousand wines project

11 & 12

Both these Zins defy the jammy, gelatinous paradigm. They profess art, deserving of readership, forcing anyone to look closer at their presence and anatomical verse. I’ve always seen Zinfandel as a problem grape type, and I know that’s my flaw, not the varietal’s. So why these two? Why did these personifications provoke me to write, tell me to speak, recite? Curtly… coherence. All parts of the characters’ visibility and tangibility, and the years’ echoes being earnestly set. I was humbled by both, and now see self again as a Zin pursuer. Had the Arista the other night, and now this nuit the Porter. This is why I’m with wine… she always has a lecture hidden, one I’ve never heard or felt. I’m always learning and these two sets remind this writer that he had no aim of being an expert. The less I know the better– Or, maybe more appropriately, stay a learner. Stay a recipient of instruction. Arista and Porter pulled me from my rejectionist blip of Zin.

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