Day’s end, and

Pinot is there to ease me, sing and educate, provoke meditation and new sight, exploration of prior hours. She instructs the writer to not work as hard, not feel so obligated to fill a page. See the room you’re in, she says. Walls sing alongside her and the floral scape of her animated way.

No nap, today, fought against pull and push to do so. Thanksgiving over, wife out shopping at one of those shopping special eve whatever’s. Me, home. Wine. Just finished glass of Claret. The night passed with such cruel progression. Indifference. Babies asleep upstairs. What movie do I watch, my dilemma. My life’s trouble. Think ofContinue reading

Tonight. I pull a Pinot.

No real pragmatism to it, it’s just what I pulled. The only bottle on the top shelf in my cellar, really closet. Long day as always on a Tuesday with the class I “teach” from 7-9, I get home have a little dinner and tonight the wine comes after. Again, no real planning to it,Continue reading “Tonight. I pull a Pinot.”

No In Order

This Cabernet is gentle, airy and rose-prone… teaching me I don’t have to appease anyone, honor any expectations… so I forward in wine’s bind, call. I’ll more later write.

With a glass of ‘14

Merlot in tow, I measure everything. Seeing more of me, my future, forgetting about age for a minute which I know will make certain readers quite happy, but here.. now… right now with this wine, the grape that pulled me further into it all. Not much a writer, right now, after the taxing tasting roomContinue reading “With a glass of ‘14”

Much later in the day, tempted to just be lazy and watch some writer show,

a show that a writer like me would like and always watches, sipping the red blend I took home from Roth, a bottle today opened, I’m here.  Present.  Thinking about what this blend says to me but then not, just drinking and thinking, meditating in the room I’m in, the Now of it all, quietContinue reading “Much later in the day, tempted to just be lazy and watch some writer show,”

This morning, telling self the day I want to have is the one I WILL have. 

Completely a wine thing to say… defiance and independence, freedom in expression and practice.  The same group of older humans at the table across from me, the long rectangular.  One of the looks particularly worn today, tired and nearly ready for death it seems.  Morning teaching me to live more freely, wildly… what are weContinue reading “This morning, telling self the day I want to have is the one I WILL have. “