Staring at the espresso cup, learning from the simplicity that isn’t simple.  And nothing is.  Everything has dimension and purpose, complexity, voice.  Work slow, quiet, a little boring but staying in chair.  Ordered myself not to budge.  Stay here, roam around.. from wine to running (which I’m not getting to today, regrettably), sales and being a single dad.. this condo and Windsor, Sonoma County.  There’s too much to report and write about, “cover” like a reporter.  Tempted to make myself another cup but won’t.  Trying to cut back, and not cruise through all the pods I bought yesterday when shopping with the kids.

Tried to read a Wine Spectator article.  Shit, forgot my subscription was cancelled.  Did so over a year ago and just now being reminded.  Wine and all the stories and people…. Staying in this goddamn chair.  Not moving till I have ‘that’ idea.

Wine has been too ‘what’d’.  Meaning, overly simplified and made into just a thing that can be put into some blathering mini-paragraph of descriptors, in a publication with a glossy cover and the same repeated and beat drum-tone.  Made a ‘what’…

From the house, office downstairs.  Probably Cab.  Or maybe Pinot.