Feel scattered this morning or something, I don’t know.  But, no anxiety and no stress or tightness of mind.  Loose, free, happy…. Kids were swift getting out the door this morning.  Didn’t make lunches last night so was quick and ever-motioned in kitchen.

Meeting in 9 minutes, possibly my first contract in this new sales story.  Hoping, but expecting nothing.

No letting myself get out of a run today before getting kids.  NO WAY.



After an attempted power nap, sipping espresso and enjoying quiet and the hum of the space heater.  Not in a sales mode-mood, not right away.  There is one call I need to make but not taking my thoughts’ bait… collection.

Can’t wait to pick up the kids, but our time short-lived since they’re picked up at 10 tomorrow morning.  Ugh…

Hungry for lunch but for what?  Quick pb&j, chips.  Save money however I can.