At winery.  Quiet.  No activity on crush pad, or room to my left, but that certainly doesn’t mean that there won’t be activity later.  Hoping for a busy day, hoping for sales, and taken by my idea this morning of my own wine retail business… not a new idea by any tilt, but certainly a relevant and provocative revisit of past ideation.  After work going to Bottle Barn and planning to buy a healthY amount, for research and writing purposes, tasting with Mom and Dad to solicit their insights and see what they measure the salability of the bottles to be.

All is poetry here, in this world, about wine and even in the dullest acts, like at EOD yesterday with all the cash counting and accounting, there is story and character development.. a curious mythology and functionality, story.  Luckily I had Thomas there to assist and talk me through the impact and gravity of each step.  I saw scenes… like I said, story, and character in what I was doing.  Education.

After his post, get on clock, start the day, pretend this winery is MY business (which in a way, it is), my wine shop, and note everything… from co-workers’ strengths, to reactions to wines, to how wines taste, to weather, to how appointments were booked and feedback from guests.  Note EVERYTHING.  And do so poetically.  Like:

Woman, Minnesota, loving Sauv

Blanc, but her

Mind can’t be changed on

Chardonnay.  Loved Merlot,

Thought Cab was okay…



Something like that.  This whole day will be a collection of standalone pieces and poems, songs and thoughts… for MY business and life.

Couple more sips of the 4-shot mocha I needed and off I go.  The poem of this sitting is in its low volume, its equanimity, zen.  Hear production crew, somewhere off to left.  Wonder what they’re up to.. let’s go see…