inward jot


Done with vino letter.  Now to write freely.  Thinking consolidation again, and getting frustrated with progress of certain efforts but I have no one to blame.  Not even myself.  This is the process.  Sipping my Jimtown coffee and haven’t started the jazz back up as I was listening to the computer read my 3rd vino letter back to me.  Went on a bit of a ramble, but so what.  Empt in this room, what I refer to as my office in the store— back room with the vintage-y elements and sinking leather-flap chairs.  Jazz back on, as am I… wine, none last night as I cited in letter because of these goddamn allergies or a cold— could it be a cold?  Maybe.  But the jazz wakes me, and cheeringly—  Track by Thelonious & Sonny, one of my favorites, “I Want To Be Happy”.  How fitting for the morning, a Monday morning that has tried to get me into some low, self-polluting ebb but is laughably unsuccessful.  Hungry but not going to get anything here.  Much I love Jimtown, it’s a little pricey.  Well worth every penny you spend, but.. well, lots of pennies for everything.  Even this small coffee, $2.  She told me refills are free, and good thing, ‘cause I’m gonna grab one.

Haver to leave soon.  Where’s the time go?  Goddamnit… work quicker I tell myself, like Dean in the parking lot, like Kerouac finishing Road…. Waitress goes back and forth, inside and out to side patio where two people just sat for breakfast.. asked me, “Can I get you some water or something?” Told her I’m fine and put headphones back in.  Jazz, feel myself skipping inwardly in this inward jot this morning.  This is what wine is… going to taste today, you can bet.  Note everything.  Every detail.  This Bottled Ox need put more observations and notes into the bottle— like the silverware on this table, me moving the set closest to me up, and I have every aim to put it back in its meant-spot before departure.  Don’t want to harm my latest favorite writing scene and stage, office, giving me the most favorable and motivating state this ‘Motivation Monday’.