Stay Moving Stay Busy Stay STARVED

3/17/20, Tuesday – Hi.  I’m still alive. And so are millions and billions of other people.  Not making light of anything, just my attitude.  I thought this morning driving here to the Sonic office about style, and about influence, how lately I’ve tried to be more Sedaris-esque, or Lawson-y, rather than completely Mike Madigan-ish.  InContinue reading “Stay Moving Stay Busy Stay STARVED”

As someone who obsesses over work,

and what work he has to do, what I have planned the next day and the remaining hours of this day, I am honestly with nothing.  But I make myself write.  One student tonight saying one of her goals is, was, is to wake at 2am to get ahead in her studies and I assumeContinue reading “As someone who obsesses over work,”

On the eve of me leaving wine’s industry, I sip a Merlot.

The varietal that brought me into wine, that invited me into the collective compositions and narrative, luminous elucidation of it all.  After tomorrow, I’ll only write about wine.  Not be int he tasting room.  Not have to look at schedules and calendars, first thing in morning when the coffee’s barely taken its place in myContinue reading “On the eve of me leaving wine’s industry, I sip a Merlot.”


The day has a voice, I suppose.  But mine’s louder, more rhymes and with more wander and beaming momentum, notice.  So, I give it notice, put it on notice, that I’m not interested in what it intends.  I decide the rhythm and the song to be played, what I recite and the pace of such. Continue reading “meditation”

In the tasting room, everything. 

The concentration of some people then the utter dismissal of the tasting momentum, they just want to spend time with their friends or family, loves, whomever, which is fine, more than fine.  Then you have others that just take everything in and ask questions, then apologize for asking the questions they do, addressing quantity ofContinue reading “In the tasting room, everything. “

Wine’s Cadeau

Soon as I park, I feel the decided force in me, to work harder than I ever have.  Today.  But for what.  I’m here over an hour early, over an hour before I’m to clock in, and what should I do.  What should I write about… all thoughts in the writer’s head, probably all writers’Continue reading “Wine’s Cadeau”

First of year new.

And my first thought, “So what?” Opened the Merlot I bought from St. Francis the other day, looking at the color and pairing it–if you could call it a “pairing”–with the pulled pork from last night. The year, bold and unapologetic. Wilder than wild… tonight I do intend to have a bit more wine andContinue reading “First of year new.”

vinward jot, 2017

Last day of the year, I’m in a wined mind.  At the wood table with my coffee, knowing just where I am in my wine shop countdown.  Walking the vineyard, I had the thoughts that will get me there.  All was visible right in front of the Cabernet sign.  I need more bolder be, unapologeticContinue reading “vinward jot, 2017”

inward jot

Colder than yesterday morning, just saw on temperature reader in car.  This morning, walking downstairs, elevators out of service, I walked into the well at the same time as this man dressed in a suit, with his sleek leather bag over shoulder, hair done, ready for something.  “Good morning…” he said.  I returned, as weContinue reading “inward jot”


Ten minutes left.  Which means I have 5 to write.  Coffee, cold, right.  Waiting for Washington wines to get here.  Friend said they should be arriving today.  Need more wines to write about…. Store not as far away as it might appear on paper.  Or maybe it is.. but either way I’m writing about winesContinue reading “oenoNow”