…to Starbucks on Hopper, latte. Yes, more caffeine.

Thinking more and more about only writing here… that means anything for #professormikey will be here first.  Need the book done, and soon.  And the blog to be alive.  Explore my psychology and character more, and why at times I’m certain ways.  I’m a character, in a story, and am anything but consistent…. So, I teach self more than other.  Just share ideas…

Story on the news about a school board meeting where the board members were caught talking about parents, venting and using “profanity”, and now request they resign.  One lady on the board saying something like “… talk a sh/t about I’ll f/ck you up..” Something like that.  Only edited her words here ‘cause they were just bleeped on the screen.  I don’t know, I thin that’s hilarious… Imagining some of the board meetings I hear wife listening to, watching, and if they said something like that.  Wish they would.

Jack this morning writing on his new laptop, and again complimenting me as a writer.  Makes me smile, but uncomfortably.  Of course, I vow to intensify my types and scribbles.  Have ONE blog will help.  The books approaching.