Caffeine is REALLY working. First call queued,

gathered a document I needed to… weather on, and not much of a system. Certainly not a storm.  Just a drizzle pat.  Weather jazzing, light high-hat.

8:13am, commercial.  All these car commercials.  So many of them in the morning, ever notice that?  Then a garage door commercial, then PSA from PG&E which I think is comical in a wild height of ways.

8:14am…. Then feel tired.  Up at, what 5:08?  I’d have to look.  Henry falling asleep only to wake enraged.  Poor little human.

8:15am……..  Wait, WHAT?  Woman dressing up as old ladies so they can get their vaccines?  THANK YOU.  See, this is what I needed.  This is a story.  I wonder if they did voices too.  Oh I wish I saw that, was there to see them with the glasses and that blanket-like cloth over their back and around their shoulders.  Oh that’s great… I cannot stop thinking of jokes and imagining them in their characters.

8:17….  Traffic.  Want a drive.  AE buddy David said he’s driving to Death Valley.  Jealous me here on couch with two fucking laptops, calls to make.