Just get through the calls, I tell myself.

Don’t have any more caffeine, sip slow what you have left.

8:31…..  And?  I don’t know, that’s the time.  Quiet house, one more day.  Won’t be like this next week.  So, stay away I tell myself, and enjoy it.  All of it.  Circus re-opens Monday, I just wrote in the journal, then laugh.  What?  It is a circus here most mornings.  I know if you’re a parent you get it.

The news addressing the same stories, over and over and over….  Are they trying to hypnotize me, or annoy?  Hard to tell.  Well, why am I watching?  Just putting off going to the desk and setting up for calls.  Honesty…. That feels good.

9:33 and making calls.  Lovely.  Just approaching it with humor.  That’s it.  Why not.  This act demands comedic consideration.  Hmmmm……

Great call just now.  An Architect, of course.  See….?  I need to stay in the Architecture arc more pertinently and persistently.  Can’t win to own some property and structures with actual architectural identity….  Love this house, but the love is, well, assumed.

10:17… just made one more call.  Considering taking a power nap…