Up at 7:45.  All three of them down here with me.  So far, Henry calm, in his chair with more toys in front of him than he knows even partially what to do with.

Time is more than of essence, it/’s demanded and decided that NOW is when the contour need be readjusted.  Start the agency, don’t be limited to one thing be it a line of products or services, narrative or people enclaves.

Seeing the sales numbers yesterday were a bit discouraging.  Quite frankly it dented my mood significantly.  Today recovering.  In character, owner of this idea and image.  Creative, writing, blogging, publishing, a little photog, running, everything else that brings me intrigue and happiness.

Talking to Henry every here and there to keep him happy, make sure he doesn’t feel ignored or shoved to the side and placated with those toys which he a bit was.  Still trying to wake up, watching new… Vaccine rollouts, interview with doctor, weather, then the arresting news reporter reporting on something, I honestly don’t hear a words.  Anyway…..

Kids on couch being sill especially Jack and I need to write a book on them… Henry farts, Jackie says “HENRY!” I laugh a little, then pick my head up and see some report on Berkeley, activism, protest, purpose.  Feel envy.  I want that.  Then make it.

Henry complains I go over and adjust a toy and I think he’s at least for the moment pleased..  Nevermind, he moans and… yeah this isn’t going to work.  Work, what I’m trying to do while being surrounded by kids.  Nearly impossible.  No time to search for synonyms or any kind of catchy references.  What you see is what you receive, writing dad trying to write while at leasing thinking he’s a dad.  They’re down here with me right?  Suddenly Henry’s happy and laughing and trying to talk to us…

Weather, then the doses again.  When will this goddamn thing be over?