I wake at 4:56 I think the phone said.

Haven’t done it in a while.  But I’m doing it, I’m doing it.  I have to.  Now.  I’m 42, or this year I will be so in my mind I already am.  do something now.  Change habit, practice, thoughts on running.

How far do I go?  Don’t think about that now just get out the door.  Once out, the cold accosts me.  Goddamnnit, I think.  Get back in the house.

No, stay out, just start stepping.  Press START first.  Old Garmin.  Need a newer model, one that makes me more excited to run at such an hour.  Why am I doing this?  why not just run in the afternoon or at lunch like I used to when I’d pound out 8 miles or a touch more and be back at the desk.

I start.  Not as cold, almost immediately.  Inner beckoning for more, another street, another.  Before I can think how far I am the watch sounds and vibrates.  2 miles, average pace 8:43.  Not bad.

One street, a little darker than I’d like but I make myself continue.  Small shove of wind, and I think some drizzle.  It is.  Don’t wish for anything or curse any attribute of the run.  Take and be in concert with everything.

Mile 4.  Still no light.  Temp is not much impact, if any.  Slowing down a bit, more pace, more moderation.  Try to push to 6.3, I tell myself. Just a wink over 10k and before 6am.  Perfect start to day.  Start thinking about everything I have to do…. Confirm shipments, clean a little, get as close to open-ready as I can.  Opening in 12 days.  Everything into this shop.  Lot of work for what could be considered a side gig.

5.57….  Need to stop.  Feel something in left achilles, or just above it.

Stopped. Check time.  5.62, 9:03 pace.  Not not-happy, but certainly not celebrating.  Need to get under 9, and eventually, hopefully, someday, under 8.