The writing father

can literally not afford to waste one second.  Forgot earphones in car and I think it img_9745beneficial I did.  I have no choice but to focus harder and block out all the chatting and noises and slurps all around me here in this Healdsburg Starbucks (Vine Street).  Will leave for client’s in 25 minutes, 11:48.  Man next to me works on something for his business, I think graphic design.  Design…  designing sites.  New Year’s plan… learn to do this.  Set up my own templates, maybe.. or something for myself as a writer.. just a ‘Mike Madigan, Author’ site.  Something to make self more marketable or just get more readers.. but my only fear is that would take from the writing.  So let me hold off on that vision.  For now.  Focus on the writing and what I have to do for the day.  Sell wine.  Prep for another attempt at a 04:00 wake in the morrow.

Made note in class while student did their final prompt, “Be more a writer…” In habit.  How I act and how I work, from when I wake up to my daily page amount.  Going to everyday target 3 pages no matter what I have going on.

11:29, and I can’t think of what I was just going to write.  It got away, the idea.  “Goddamnit!” I say internally, but tempted to say aloud just to see how everyone would react.  Man next to me blows his nose.. gross.  Me with a couple more bites of this breakfast sand’, but plenty mocha.  Enough caffeine to get me through this sitting and through 5 hours of wine DTC work.  Writing daddy is enthralled with the day and the semester being done, so another starts.  More is beginning for me.  New year, new chapter, new narrative and sight.. books and travel, more mochas and breakfast sandwiches and useful sittings like this in a nearby Starbucks or coffee shop or what/wherever.