The day wants to move slow.

I WILL move with a wild creative speed.  Editing and polishing minimally.  Why edit when I can just put ideas out there?  Yes, I know I SHOULD edit more, but I’m making up for yesterday.  Still difficult to shake it off and away completely, but I have to.  Done… let-go.

Listening to some old Thievery Corp…  Watching rain, just back from another walk.  The goal today is to get onto a 4th page.  And all posts and pieces will be more carefully inventoried and protected, so that if my laptop was to again fall into some functionality coma, I wouldn’t care.  And, more or less I don’t right now.  But…  I don’t know, hard to shake.

“Jesus Christ!  Get over it!” I can hear some character, somewhere from one of my notebooks, say.

Okay, I will.  Just enjoy the music.  Enjoy this desk, its view of rain just out there in whatever block it is.  Break regularity, anything patterned, I tell myself.  How?  How about several handwritten pieces for performing/reading.  An idea, yes.  Or, more than just another idea.

Writing words as they pass and land and take off again, in little Carpe Journal.  Wine…  Writing…  Notebooks.  Notes.  Easy.  Don’t overthink.