Another sip of coffee.. Jackie enjoying his day off, going to SAC with Alice and Emma to meet with her mother and grandmother.  And me, the writing father, of course, off to work.  I will write more during the day, avowed.  Not like yester’ where I let work and the people and my goddamn mood make an irreparable incision in my focus and pervasive day-character.

Breathe… my epicenter more of a center than the 5th.  Today, 23 days from 37.  Old bloke…  But I write faster than I ever have, I think.  The coffee helps.  More than helps.  It IS me.  Feeling like a student, working and going to school, like this lady in my 1A class.  Admire her.  Want to be like her with my habits and written ways.  And read like her and the one student from the 730AM class.

Another cup.. that’d make.. I don’t know.  Who cares.  Coffee anymore doesn’t impact my nerves and circulation like other writers.  Need quiet.  Too much going on int he Autumn Walk Studio.. should write by hand after this entry.  Take notes.. like a student.  Singularity.  Isolated words.. ‘crowded’.. ‘rushed’… still.  Breathe.  This is all just one long session, lesson and meditation.