Constellations Additional

Ran 6.9-something miles today, at the gym and on the tread much to my startle.  Not much pain in knee left, until I stopped.  But I sat, stretched it out and went about my way.  Tired tonight and not in much a writing mood.  I have broken a thousand words for day, mind you, just not posted to blog.  One piece, a statement on this whole ‘mikemadigancrEATive’ idea, possibility.  Then a piece I wrote by hand in class with the students.  I’m hoping to wake at the Sunday running hour, 4:30 or earlier as I did this last Sunday, tomorrow.  This is more than urgency you read from me– its dire sensation in me as a writer and Creator, and only encouraging– I’m ready for the next altitude in my career and development as a character.  So my thinking heightens.  I harness myself to that vision and that image and of me traveling and growing brands with people and telling stories, and I’ll write about the whole thing.  The WHOLE thing.  Once an adjunct English Instructor at a community college and pouring at a winery to owning my own ad agency and writing several books and maintaining a blog and traveling, speaking, teaching…  LIVING.

Nearly didn’t get to sitting here, in the study, if that’s what you’d call it.  I’m making a decision and that’s to expand on this ‘mmc’ idea and follow it, see it to fruition and tangibility and honestly going through with it.  So here I am, new today, almost not running at all and logging nearly 7 miles.  Almost not writing but doing more: a standalone short story and statement for my business…

My mood settles, as it need to settle as the owner of a business and a matured writer.  I used to think it had to be one or the other.  Writer or some business owner.  Why not both?  I WILL have both.

Readying for sleep.. again, 4:30 or earlier.  AND DON’T FALL BACK ASLEEP!  Keep writing, dive headfirst into the coffee like you always do but with more ‘direction’ as I lectured for my students the other night.  Tonight marked week 2/8, done.  That was quite swift, I must say.  Time with its constant assault and invasion of my peace of mind and sensibility… driving me to delusions, honestly.

11:01, have to be under sheets.  Tomorrow, morning, hours wee, the mission of all incredible missions…..