Wanted and Caught

Moving and working fast.  Meeting in Dry Creek– I mean downtown H-burg, and all I can think about is mmc.  Slept too well last night, didn’t wake at 4:30 but I’m here at Yulupa SBUX writing, just 300 words as I IMG_6870need.  Plan for today:  IMAGES!  I have 16 minute to assemble my day and morning with words.  Apparently…  Forgot was I was going to say.  Like I said, moving fast, not a mile-a-minute, more like a five miles every 30 seconds.  In a wine mood and mode.. blog everything, everything, all images and characters and conversations– and there I think!  Tone!  Conversation!  For the mmc brands and clients.. wrote it in Comp Book.  Listening to some chilled ambient/trip-hop beats that make me think of my office, my room (as I wrote last night with the students..), and what it will look feel taste like.  I’m in a different mind now, a different character fold.  Have to leave in 10 minutes, so type faster I tell myself.  Don’t edit just write and express– I think the mmc idea may be that idea that I’ve always hoped for, the one I’ve always wished for, wished would just land in its branch in my brain.  mikemadigancrEATive… I’m Mike Madigan.  I’m Creative.  Let’s EAT!  Enjoy Life and success and the building of a brand in a truthful, rich, non-contrived way.  More notes to Comp Book…  Change song.  That costs me a couple seconds.  Time fading, working against deadline.. thinking of my office, I’ll be there soon.  Starting a daybyday log of the building of my brand.. mikemadigancrEATive…….  Listening to this song has me wondering how early I’ll get to work when I have my own office– or more than that, how much I’ll get done, how quick I’ll work for my clients.  And how rich the content will be.  I’m working now!  Oh yes.. changing my story!  Changing the direction of my CREATIVE efforts..

Man sits down at table at my left, separated by the unmarked path to the order area; he sits exhausted and pained by day already, he probably has to go to work, which he hates.  That can’t be me, and it can’t be my clients… I want them to enjoy their work even more, and they will with the results I provide!

And my office.. WILL be in Healdsburg.  When I can afford it, of course.  My focus will be wine, and small wineries, and small restaurants and cafés and coffee shops.. but I start with wine, as that’s what I best know.  But I do want to explore other business models.. grow my model and knowledge base, more to write about, more a career to write and then write about.. more for my wife, children, family.. this is all for them, but I do hope to have a little fun on the way.  I don’t want to be him, bent over his coffee, watching the clock, envying the steam ascending in how it only has to go up, disappear.  Not me.  Not ever.  Not with this new idea.