When will I finally finish this florilegium?  In a couple days, I’m pretty sure.  Plenty material from today, nearly as if I was in the tasting Room.  My students, proving evermore helpful to the writer.  Have to stay focused.. the sparkling Alice bought tonight, to celebrate her new position, and now me closing with this IPA has me feeling a bit strange, no lies.  Want to get in 1 more post for teaching blog.  Should probably turn on some music.  Have TV muted, as always during night sittings.

How will I concentrate tomorrow, pouring, while all of me is with these pages, with my classes, Stanford just ahead?  And my chapbook reign, only days from beginning?  Calming Self.  Have to be, if I’m to see Road.  This IPA, trying to pull me away from focus.  Right now, as I’m writing, we lock, in haste, indignant ides.

This semester, shaping to be everything I wished it to.  Pleasurable, to say least.  But I’m bothered, this delight disrupted…  When will I get to run?  I can only hope I randomly wake tomorrow morning before 5, as I did yesterday morning.  Part the reason I called in.  I very easily, if I wasn’t sick, could have ran.  Hoping tomorrow morning pulls me same, sanely.  OR insanely.  Don’t care.  Long as I’m up, running.  5 miles, all I’ll have time for.  But it’ll be dark, so I’ll have to run slower.  Maybe I should shoot for 45 minutes, then.  Whatever.  I’ll figure it out.  I hope.

Final beer open.  Waiting for words.  But none.  Maybe the Craft wants me to hold back.  Have to wrap this entry, to move to teaching blog.  Material, ongoing.  Guerilla.  Gorilla.  Gorilla-y.. -ing.  Now I’m truly freewriting.  I hope.

Would like to “relax.” At some point tonight.

How about