log, 9/17/13

Up this morning with an odd attitude.  Classes today.  Going to de-emphasize the word count concept.  Encourage the students to communicate their ideas.. to just WRITE.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.  It’s like taking a class vs doing… something like that.  I will put the word counts out as an acclimatizing sign.  Feel ashamed for emphasizing it as I did.  Now, the assignment will be more encouraging, empowering for the student.

“It’ll be over so fast, you’ll be unsure if you’ve started.  Anything.”

Don’t know why that line popped into my head.  Can use it for dialogue, I suppose.

9:06am.  Want to be on road before 10am.  Strange sound coming from Passat.  So frustrating.  It’s always something.

3:20pm.  Finished another standalone for book, having written 859 words in Petaluma’s library, in the “Reading Room.” Now, on mainland.  Ready for rough draft session with 1A-ers.  The 5-ers performed so impressively I find it hard to appreciate.  Then, on journal checks, one of my students not only had incredible content, but as well interesting page placement, order, with beautiful drawings all about.  Never seen anything like it before.  Went so far as to ask her, if I could take a picture.  She invited.  Feel silly, but I couldn’t resist.  I love Art, I loved what I saw.  So I reacted to the moment.

At lunch on the way here, seeing a fire on 101’s side, right.  Firefighters, helicopter extinguishing small blaze.  Was even able to see the chopper drop its retardant on the weak licks.  This was about the time I noticed the caffeine fading.  Should I go fetch some from bookstore, along with my usual sparkling water?  Why not?  But I’m cozy here, in this adjunct cell.  Kind of.  And maybe I don’t need anymore energy liquified.  Have plenty momentum present.

Finally made it to Schwab, to make my deposit.  Still quite far from enough for house downpayment, but at least I’m in saving’s habit.  That’s what I’m hoping be observed with such installations.

What else can I do for tonight’s 1A section?  Need a couple to think…  Wonder what grapes they’ll be picking tomorrow on the Estate.  Feel like I haven’t been there in weeks, since calling in yesterday, splitting my day on Sunday.

4pm.  Have to figure something out in far less than an hour.  Maybe some Poe poems, give a little preview into what we’ll be sipping with his sentences.  Not sure if I want wine tonight.  With Alice’s new schedule, finding time to run will be more difficult than ever.  Writing, too.  So I have to just write.. edit minimally, if at all.  And forget the foolish tagging, after all these posts.  Put 2 or 3 primary “tags” to the entry, then move on.  Don’t have delicacy’s luxury.  Guerilla writing, my mode.

This next book we’re reading, in 1A, more approachable.  And I’m sure more apt to connect with students’ emotions, than Mr. Faulkner’s short stories.  I’ll always be a fan of Faulkner’s pieces, but I’m not sure I’ll use his collection again.  Not in 1A, surely.