Office Hour-ing

Ready for 1A section.  Just need to go over Faulkner readings a bit.  Planning on returning to this adjunct cell after class, to gather some thoughts, take some notes on the two current authors of my classes.  Capote, on whom we watched an interesting interview this afternoon, done with William F. Buckley Jr., more and more presents himself to me a voyeur, bringing his gratification to his career.  The success of his work is the “release.” So, the release [of the book] serves as release, if that makes sense.  Can’t believe it’s the middle of September.  My MasterPlan, projectR’s TRUEST of materializations, must lament by term’s end, which I believe for me is December 19th, a Thursday.  I will be well on path to Stanford by then..

Tonight’s lecture for 1A, if you could call it that, will be more around the idea of topic generation.  Not overthinking.  That’s death to your project.  And as tempting as it is to be pessimistic, and whine, be positive and confident in your papers.. I’ll tell them.  And if you’re still having trouble, see me.  [Need to write all that down in Lecturing Comp Book!]

Hoping to start new pattern tomorrow morning, with 5 mile run.  That’s all I’ll let mySelf do.  Which I believe will take me to corner of Montgomery & Summerfield, then back.  Should be back before six.  Could probably get in a couple minutes of writing, post to teaching blog.  Not calling it ‘Pedagogy Blog’ anymore.  I may here and there, knowing me.. but I’m going to attempt stern refrain.

3:59pm.  Almost done with mocha.  After posting this, will switch bags, unload unnecessaries into car.  Have to stop bringing this laptop to school.  Have to stop using it altogether, except for after project’s handwritten.  Or even a single page.. vignette, poem, whatever.  Said that before but I’m refocusing.  Trying.

4:06pm.  I hate time.  I have to say.  Need a sparkling water, I think.  Paired with some air.  See students, imagine mySelf one of them.. only having to study, live in pages, research, recording of findings; reacting to new knowledge.

Caffeine, leaving me.  Not fair.  Should go to car, unload this anchor device.. for Self to actually write.  Right?

Most certainly, I hope you’d say.  Are saying.  (9/12/13)