Only time for quick entry.  Clouds overhead, again.  Perfect writing weather.  Didn’t go for run, as I want tomorrow to be day1 of the 5am runs.  I’ve enlisted Alice’s assistance, getting the writer out the door in the cruel, cold hour.  Want to be out door today at 11:15a, latest.  Current clock reading: 9:49am.  Music on.. only aim, write freely.  Need to find some resources on T. Capote for 5 students.  In yesterday’s search, Faulkner was a bit easier.  […]  There, found a couple items.  We’ll be watching “Capote” today, for a bit.. to see how Capote was brought to life on screen, how his work motivated him, pained him, made him.

Mocha, progressively sipped.  Tempered consumption.  This morning, need to relax, but be far enough ahead of sched’ TO relax.  How do I do that?


10:10am.  Should begin getting ready, just jet to Petaluma.  I don’t want to leave at 11:15.  That cuts it too close.  Want to have another sitting in that same chair, in the Library, like Tuesday.  Still need to rack those pages into book.  Oh my book.. how sick of me it must be.  (9/12/13)