Didn’t think I’d get time to write, this hectic morning.  My lectures, being written with more speed, more Artistic pace, habit.  Hopefully running after work today.  Need a shorter jaunt.  Like I said yesterday, 3 miles.  Taking Poe works and legal sheets with me to work.  Want to take some notes, well as do a little writing.  Writing for what?  One of my books, still in line.  Should print something while I’m here, in an at-last-quiet condo.  No.  Will do later.  But when?  With all in rotation, becoming harder to have meaningful session.  More, now, just blurbs, rants.  But maybe that’s my voice, Literary shape– hmm, ‘Literary Shape.”

8:43am.  Leaving soon.  Need 4shotter, blueberry scone.  On Mountain, today.  Not expecting much Newness, as wine’s world continues to thrive in its one-dimensionality.  That’s why, complete shift to Literary World.  First target, in this manuscript masterPLAN of sorts: Fall Semester.  This is what will do ‘IT’ for me.  I’m sure.  Still with scope significantly on Stanford, please note.  All these industry contact cards, on desk’s top, to suffer the fate same as the others I tossed in the trash last week.  What do I need them for?  What do I need THEM for, these people?  Are they going to publish my book, get me lecturing about the country quicker?  No.  So they have2go.

Out door.  Taking notes all day for lectures.  Poe, with me, additionally.  Ready for a day all MINE.

9:03pm.  Writing intently tonight.  For books.  Two spoken pieces, then one old prose.  Sipping some ’10 single-vineyard Cabernet, paired with the artisan pizza I ordered from 12 & Mission.  3 tours on mountain today, so no run.  Will have 2B tomorrow, I guess.  Hate feeling like I have no time.  To write.  Can change whatever I want, I keep telling Self.  The characters, continuous in TR, and mountain.  But not today.  With exception of one former English major/writer from Santa Barbara.  Where ARE all the writers, I’m asking.  They seem shy, afraid, nearly ashamed.  But anyone making wine, or trying, can’t bloody wait to share what they’re doing, that they’re ‘making wine’.  What is it about making wine that puts everyone in worship?  You go to wineries, and they’re so quick to share “winemaker’s notes.” Makes me sick, sometimes.  What about consumers’ notes, responses?  What about the people drinking the wine?  does that matter?  I just thought I should note what I’m seeing.  Why are writers dismissed so easily, but someone trying to make wine quickly enjoys lights, attention, admiration [even though what they barrel, bottle, may be deplorable draff]?

Waiting on second glass.  Need to take second to Self, think about the writing I want in this book.  Find Self in interesting state, barely having time to write but wanting to create so badly.  Where else is poetry more demanded?  And when more are old entries invited?  Time to blend past with present to actualize “future.” Looking at pictures of Merlot clusters, shot just after work.  Concepts of growing.. new theme quite dominant.  Already needing morning coffee.  May have decaf cup tonight, first ever.

Entry done.  Time for spoken word.  Then pedagogy blog following.  Stick to routine.. surest way2ROAD.