July Writing, Racing, Rotating

7/1–  10:53pm.  Over 1,500 words to book, finally completing 3PAGE effort from other day.  AC on, still.  Cold down here, really.  A bit uncomfortable.  No wine this eve.  Can’t afford, with 5am run planned.  Tired from day’s shift, and the bloody heat.  Took I think over ten decent pictures at lunch– now just repeating what I JUST wrote in 3PAGES.  Listening to Thievery radio, Pandora, obviously.  Sipping Lemon sparkling tonight.  I know, who cares– so stop reading, then.  I’m not worried about criticisms, analytical shrapnel.. I’m reporting my Now.  That’s truth, honest writing.  And the honesty in this sitting would be my drained state, that I’m not looking forward to the drive the Half Moon Bay cemetery tomorrow, to deliver Grandma to her final site.

Where am I running tomorrow?  Thinking just down Yulupa, then back to castle.  OR maybe I should go on some wandering run, through streets I’ve never seen.  No, the terrain has to antagonize me.  I’ll run to park, or in that direction, along Summerfield.

The pictures from today, reminding me how amazing this area is.  Especially Sonoma Valley.  Just hit 11pm.  Should I watch the news?  Or go to bed.  Thinking the latter’s the more responsible, lucrative option.  I don’t need to post tonight.  I’ve done enough capturing, posting, blogging today.  Why can’t I let mySelf just be lazy for a minute.. actually relax?

A little dazed from my 1,500 words I just decided to sit down & type–  Think I hate the ampersand sign as much if not more than “and.” So how do I get around that?  To tired to dwell.  I’m a mess, readers.. can you not tell?  MY consciousness stream has become glowing gutter flow.  I away from it run, sprint, dash like I will tomorrow against my 45 minute limit.  Hope it’s not even a wink of warm.. can’t take anymore temperature climbs.


7/2– 10:28pm.  3PAGES, done.  Now, readying for rest.  Need so after today.  Have2say, love the town of Half Moon Bay.  Need more new sights, tastes, like today at that restaurant.  When I’m on the road, my budget for dining out will be boundless.  I want to experience everything, all menu types.  For the writing, yes, but more so for me as an Artist, a Human.  And, no run yesterday.  Maybe tomorrow.  One short, useful.


7/3–  2:47pm.  3PAGES, just finished.  Ready for run tomorrow.  Think I’ve written 2much today.  Breaking.  2nd mocha.  Or frappuccino.  Not sure what strikes writer’s fancy.  A cinnamon latte, like I had the other morning at work?


8:53pm.  Going to try in a minute, 1 more time, to download the stills from the other day.  On mind, 10k in morning.  And the 3PAGESaDAY I’ve been rather good at completing for the last few days.  Just need to focus on pacing mySelf, maintaining form.  Want to be in bed soon.  10pm, latest.  And if I write at that point.. it’ll be pen2paper.  Shouldn’t even be freetyping right now.  “Free’typing’”.. huh.  Typing isn’t writing.  Never really thought it was.

Just thought of a goal, to start publishing end of business.  100 pages a month.  Eventually, I’ll stretch to 150.  Then 200.  And no more than that, for a while.  Want everything off this device– OH, forgot the memory stick upstairs.  And my running socks, shorts.  Plan on leaving at 6:30am.  I will be going in after, as I may have noted.. but that’s not anywhere in my meditative aqueduct.

Gathering all those Comp Books today while cleaning home office made me realize I really have to start taking the idea of consolidation as a writer seriously.  I’ve scattered mySelf; I am not necessarily scattered as an Artist.  Fixable.  Not worrying.  Going to force Self to change.  Less, I keep telling Self.  Less, less…  THERE!  The camera finally “synced” with this monster laptop.  Looking at the recent photos, from lunch the other day.. AND past pieces.  I definitely have a business, a livelihood, one incredibly profitably and fun, in all the moments I’m trapping.  Sorry, reader.. excessively excited.  Human, yes.  But a bit annoying for you as the reader, so I apologize.  Tempering.. sharing stills–