journal, 6/8/13– extinguish Self blaze

Beginning to develop the same obsessive habits with running I have with writing.  Feel horrible that I’m not stomping, tonight.  Why, though?  I need a night.  Especially after today.. 3 Mountaintop tours.  Never done that before.  And the heat, making it all more challenging.  Outside, now, nice.  Day’s cool-down, much quicker than yesterday’s.

Tonight, simple writing objectives:  blog, OFFblog log, Comp Book.  And from that, not breaking.  Opening another Viognier, ’12.  To sip with reading assignments: pages in book, Capote manuscript I plan on using come Fall.

Sipping a cold Lagunitas Little Sumpin’.  Not ready for wine, yet.  Interesting how the tours were progressively smaller today.  Groups: 12 [11:30am], 4 [1:30pm], 2 [3:30].  that’s about all I have to note, from day.  Not going to say it was boring, just patterned, 1-dimensional.  Well.. I did have a blogger on the 11:30am tour, part of a bachelorette group.  She blogs about food-rounded experiences, what she encounters, the occasions surrounding them.  Very Human, altogether engaging, refreshing.  Visuals, recipes, enthusiasm.. love it.

Why can’t I get over me not running tonight?  Well.. where would I run?  One thought: Annadel.  Have to do a woods jaunt, one of these days.  Either with Carmen, or by Self.  My next run, more than likely tomorrow, thinking I’ll run down Yulupa, across Montgomery, to wherever it’ll take me.  OR, I could do another Summerfield sprint, go up into Howarth Park, see how far I get.  That sounds more sensible.  Hate traffic, people, noise disrupting my ease, speeded steps.

My ultimate objective: BE traveling with these words, pages.  Brought pp 1-40 to work, kept in car, safe.. BUT, didn’t have a chance to get them, with those 3 tours.  Read a little bit of the dialogue, walking from car to condo, little over an hour past.  Now, I’m waiting for Viognier, my reading assignments.  Want to add another writing aim to night’s list, but I can’t.  Have to keep EVERYTHING simple.  In fact, may take 1 off…  Yes.  No typing in that “OFFblog log.” Straight to Comp after this.  Now, if I feel like racking what I write into that “doc,” later, then so be.  But tonight, I need to be a REAL writer.  And write.


Viognier.  Glass, another.  Sticking to writer’s plan: Comp Book following “post” to “blog.” Both Comp Books on table with me know, taken from backpack I brought to work.  One, for Lectures.  Other, for writings– spoken word, songs, poem, prose.  Learning something from 2nite’s session: look for something to cut out.. consolidate, refocus.  The Viognier, screaming song, poetry, 4me.

Outside, temperature, as this device to me it reports, 55’.  How did the atmosphere calm itSelf so fast?  What does this mean for the writing?  Just re-read a Plath poem, may use it for Fall.  Forgot what I was going to say next.. See?  This is when I should be in song, poetry’s crease.  Oh yeah–  Thinking of certain motion, “plan,” for tomorrow.  Not revealing in this entry, but just wanted to record that I’m deliberating something.  For sakes of difference, contrast to pattern.

Coffee tomorrow morning.. brewing in-house, to start.  Then, finishing that Starbucks gift card.  Think I only have 12-something left.  Ready for night’s cap.  No idea where I am tomorrow at winery.  Hopefully not ResRm.  Not in mood.  But I would be, AM, in mood for tips.  Speaking of which, have to move money around tonight.  Tomorrow morning, put all cash into bank.  Should have a gathered stash at-ready.  I’ll start gathering that after this deposit.  Time for Comp Bk.  No more listing, numerics.  Freedom.  In verse.