Character Consortium

Calm, and with thoughts clear this morning.  Stopping with 1 home cup, as I did yesterday.  Printing pp 81-120.  Sticking with this project.. you have no idea.  Yes, especially after that Stephen King quote last night.  That, and I want my own office already.  I’m officially 34, time for REAL business.  Will write, read a bit, throughout day.  Then at night: READ.  I’m only allowed to write after reading’s done.  Want this book, or the first 40 pages I mean, read & edited by day’s end.

Need to email my writer friend.  Should probably do now, while I have a couple free secs.  A little chilly outside.. where’s this hot weather those weather slugs were threatening?

Already see some issues in printing.  Pages are off.  May have to fill a little with old, or new, writing.  Not a problem.  At all.  Again, sounds like the printer’s saying, “right here, right here, right here..” Weird.  IF it’s trying to tell me to stick with this book, it needn’t worry.  Book almost completely printed.  Later today, 3.5 miles out, and back.  Want a challenging run today.  But where should I go?  I don’t like running on sidewalks of busy streets.  Certainly not hwy 12.  So where?  Will have to think.

Page 96, 95…  Almost done.  Excited to see it ALL on actual page.

There [8:59am].  The entire book, in print.  Draft 1, done.  Next run, the final final draft.  Was thinking of a “business plan,” as a writer.  And I think I have one.  Not typing it, yet.  And I don’t even know if I want a “plan,” per se.  It goes against my entire stride as a writer.

Just called in, to make sure I have the day off, as it feels so odd not setting up the bar, or stocking, or counting one of those infernal registers this morning.  But here I am, writing.  And yes, I’m not “scheduled” today.  Already well over 1k for day.  Put about 600 words into OFFblog log.  That I can see turning into a noted release of mine.  Or series of releases.  Hmm.. now I’m thinking.  How about a walk to get a mocha?  Indeed.. something out of character for the writer, one all about character, characters..