text trees

6/2/13.  8:32am.  May be visiting Grandma after work.  Need to write everything, in this capture-all approach.  Even thoughts that may seem trite, wrong, or just juvenile.  Like when shaving, I thought “almost all my ‘good’ days begin with a good shave,” meaning I don’t cut myself or get some peculiar razor rash.  I thought, “That’s lame, it sounds like a commercial.” But it was a thought, a small reflection, so I had to write it down.

Shouldn’t be as hot today.  Decided that this writing, and yes blogging, endeavor must be done solo.  I don’t want to depend on people, or some group, not serious about their work.  Or these social media twits boasting themselves as wine experts.  They just talk a lot, that doesn’t make them sagacious.  On any level.  Or the other bloggers, simply posting some obscure recipe or drink type the like, or “love,” ever other week, or once a month.  Why would anyone follow your material?  And this type, the last cited especially, I have NO urge to collaborate.

8:44am.  Time, attacking with its own volcanic rage.  No time to write anything really worth of readership.  And this desk, all cluttered.  Focusing on screen, right HERE, since when I away gaze my heart’s RPM rockets outside radar reach.  Need coffee, bad.  With June and July’s schedules, I’ll be off T/W, which means more writing time.  AND, time to adequately prep for my best-ever semester.  Need to order my books, decide upon Authors, texts.  For 1A: Plath, Capote, Faulkner.. DONE.  5 [Adv Comp]: Poe, Shakur, Hughes [Langston].. DONE.  Now, just need to order texts.  Really want students to consider the Author, with their textual considerations and approaches.  Research exercises right from initiating session.  Glad I have that settled.  Now, to write the lectures.  Excited to see how students take to Faulkner’s work, especially.  Same with Shakur’s, from a more intricate analytical disposition.