entry — 2dayz

Hope these pages capture my obsessive habits.

Rime all day.. No prose.. Want songs..

Wine tasting at lunch.. Research–


5/27– exhausted from yester.. Waiting for coffee… Head hurts from nightcap..

-No wine tonight. Just writing.. Pen2paper

-Don’t want 2go in…

-In.. Bottle opening. In professor mode. All day.

-Coffee kicking in.. Ready for day.

-Spilt coffee in shirt. Buying jacket from winery. Cozy…

3:13.. Broke 3 o’clock wall..

9:48pm.  Now home.  Only working on spokenWORD, after this entry typed.  Still raining outside.  Missed the drops.  Forgot what they sounded, smelled like.  Hard for me to accept that I have no class tomorrow night.  This whole summer, writing.  Poetry, mostly.  Other than that, these erratic entries.  Bought TWO ink cartridges, for printing book.  Thinking a lot about advancement, growth.. what I REALLY want.  And I keep returning to what you know I will– WRITING.

Listening to a lot of spoken word this morning, then on way back from work.  Studying other Artists.  None of them on computer, uploading to these silly “blogs.” Bloggers, anymore, annoying me.  Same with social media.  What does it really do for the writer, for the ARTIST?  You can pull the marketing card, yes.  But beyond that, for intensification of Craft, honing my Creative blade.. nothing.  Need to focus, tonight.  Still quite disappointed with my results from last two solo nights.  Can’t dwell.  Only mistakes quell.  After night’s cap, in a second.  Also, prepping morrow’s coffee.

Everything rhymed, poeticized.  Wine, none tonight.  Just a couple ales.  And that’s it.  In my hotel Room, as traveling poet, I’d only have a couple glasses.  Then sleep.  To wake earlier than early.  4shot mocha, writing in lobby, hours before show.  Just remembered, may have left Comp Book upstairs–  No, I DID remember to put it in bag.  Opened it, adding to verse with 9 lines in its jargon jar– hmm, I like that.

Goal for night– finish a spoken word piece, 3 verses.  That’s it.  Tomorrow, finish 3 tracks, throughout day’s course.  Only blog at day’s end.  Rain, still bowling down aluminum drain on wall’s opposing side.  My cap, almost forgot…

10:07pm.  Keeping types tumbling, but I have to leave for Comp Book, for poem.  REAL Art.  Want to do a little research, on new words, odd synonyms, more magnetic vernacular, rhyme schemes.  “..altruistic, malnutritious..”, I just wrote in its margins.  Watching all words crossing my vision, hearing.  How I can use them, rhyme them–