Addition pulp

8:15a.  Giving Self till 8:45 to post, then print some possible pages to rack into chap.  Glad I only had those two Racers, followed by sparkling lime, last night.  Feel energetic this A.M., ready for whatever material towards me flies.  Running again after work.  The bigger run I do, 5-6 miles.  Tomorrow off, then running with a more-than-able running co-worker Wednesday, launching from work.  My first important run, as I see it.

No blueberry scone with mocha, this morning.  Two pounds over targeted running weight.  Want to re-acquire that number, and be in maintenance habit, so when 7/4/13 comes [Kenwood Foot Race], I’ll be completely ready.

Printing standalones.  Sounds like my printer’s saying, with each inching of paper over ribbon, “right here, right here, right here…” It has to be, I’m thinking.  Everything I’ve written, entries old, older, then notably older, are all I need for books, for the Road.. my office, everything I want.  Ink cartridge low, AGAIN.  Two more poems to print, on one page, in ‘rack 1 document’, where I’m sending all the material in first movement.

Need coffee.  Not that I’m tiring or anything, just a writer needing his morning blend.  Stuck my head outside, as Alice and Kerouac left.  Should be nice.  The news said something about being “significantly warmer” today than yesterday.  We’ll see.

Kelly, on days this nice, probably goes to the beach to work, or in Annadel to clear her thought stream, walk those paths with her sketchbook.  No devices, just her and her moments.

Saw another segment on news last night about devices getting “hacked.” Feeling these pages, on this buttoned monster are no longer safe, with tech advancements, all this immediacy, people with their ever perverse curiosity.  Keeping this entry short, then “logging off.” Not safe anymore.  Need a typewriter.