All writing tonight, for blog.  Found out today that I may be making a Cabernet, with a picking taking place in the next few days.  Tonight’s reading assignment: anything winemaking related.  Again, Mr. Kerouac put on hold.  Hopefully I’ll follow my alarm’s orders for the morrow, wake early.  Could get a couple chapters in, then.  Saw the Barbera brought in today, to soon after soak in sun, in designated gondolas.  Thinking my winery may be–excuse me, my LABEL.. “winery” sounds far too commercial, corporate–closer than I ever estimated.  The writing’ll pay for my bond, licensing, fruit purchases.. glass, corks, labels.  Everything.  Think I have some material from mikeslognoblog, that was never posted, possibly worthy of publication.  Kind of funny when I phrase it that way.. like I’m a publisher considering a writer’s submission.  Don’t want to be like that, a suit, but I have to be I guess as a Self-circulator.

Today was one of those days at work when I couldn’t believe how lucky I am to live where I live, do what I do, in this wine world.  Made me think about my beefs with “the industry.” They’re still there, but days like today make me forget.  80 degrees in fall, no clouds, grapes lining the crush pad.  Like I told a guest today: “We live this, drink this, think this, and through passion give this.” After I said that, I quickly poured that ’09 Barbera so I could scribble my lines in the little notebook I bought from Kunde, a week or so ago.

When I do offsite pourings for whoso [again, that’s my LABEL], I’ll bring only wine, no “literature.” Want people to be focused on THE WINE.  I know, what a concept.  Sometimes–no, many times–”the industry” takes away from what it’s supposed to promote.  In fact, I may even be one of those labels without a “wine club.” Wine clubs, I’ve found, many times, are pains all around.  I don’t know, that’s just what I’m thinking right now, but I’m not convinced this is the best approach.

My notes, taken while working at the box.  On mind.  My attack, eminent.

9:45pm.  On notes more positive, sitting here with my Racer 5.. can’t get those views from my head.  What other views are out there, I have to entertain.  In New York, Croatia, Spain, Italy, France, Costa Rica..  Tonight’s goal for book, just one paragraph, or 1 poem.  Think I might write it, though, in Comp Book.  Maybe that’ll initiate another session like I had in the instructors lounge on Wednesday night.  Couldn’t believe that I carved 3 whole pages into those borders.  Austen was on mind.  And she still is.  Her story, I also have to revisit.  But not now.  Have to study my winemaking world.  Especially fermentation.. what could go wrong, how to remedy what surfaces [if it’s negative].  My Merlot, now, outside.  One of the Kunde winemakers told me that fermentation is a couple days away, as it was so cold in that warehouse, during cold soak.  Just checked word count, time to close session– I know, that’s pathetic, that I let some number generated by some function of this device’s inherent program shift and clip my Literary moment.  Keeping my winemaking mission in scope, writing about each step.  So, now, I go study.. note everything I can.  I’m an educator, and I know I can educate mySelf in this bottled sorcery.

Turns out I’m leaving bottledaux in this sitting.  Not what I intended, but I’m sure it’s healthy.