on globe’s lot.. meditation wine

No more posting to blog from phone.  It’s too anti-Literary.  Sipping now, 2011 Sauv Blanc, my sister’s production.  Tomorrow, at winery in morning.  My “internship,” if you can call it that.  Just want to learn as much as I can, quicker than quick.  Just wrote a couple lines in a book project.  And yes, I’m calling it a “project,” now, rather than a “book idea.” Thank the winemaking dreams, I can, will.  What am I going to learn tomorrow, for this book, for my winemaking “career?” Promised mySelf I’d read a little from one of my winemaking texts, as well as check out the resourceful website a coworker mentioned, suggested.  He, this coworker, beginning Davis’ V&E program in just days.  Happy for this character, but, yes, quite jealous.

Keeping this entry brief, as I want to get into studies.  This SB…  [after taste] uniquely charming, especially in nose.  It’s clean, from the stainless steel residency, but not metallically simplistic.  Watching this cursor taunt me, remind me that it could exist, writer’s b—-.  I’ll never be able to bring Self to a point of typing it, fully.  My stash, upstairs, angry that I haven’t published yet.  Just need a little more time, I tell those bills.  But how much more do I need?  I’m 2nd-guessing Self, just what Katie told me not 2do.  Looking at the pictures I took today of the Chardonnay clusters, just as I was leaving work.  Who’s going to sip this cluster?  This one?  What will be the occasion?  Thinking about these possibilities makes me want to stay in the vineyard, in the lab, till my efforts are bottled.  I’m in my own meditation now, with this glass of my sister’s SB.  And with my son upstairs, I see I need 2 start following through.  Much more.  Much MUCH more.  Rethinking approaching so I keep Self from sinking in hoaxes.  Again the writer sips…