wine entry, more ’12

At Mom and Dad’s, instead of a Starbucks.  Up here, total quiet, peace.  Working on project R.  Just wanted to check in, let you know where my types were tipping towards.  [2:09pm]

All I have to say is that life is great, and incredible realities approach, I realize writing this material for project R, listening to Wine Bar beats.  Soon, I’ll be on the Road, touring with these ideas, pages; speaking, sharing.  About Literature, Wine, Life.

Symbol: door unlocked (door to garage at Mom & Dad’s, when I went to toss Diet Coke can in recycling).

8:19pm.  Actually, the door was locked, just not closed.  If it would have closed, I would have had to call someone to let me in.  Well, no, actually.  The front door was open, from when I arrived.  Point: it resulted in my favor, that many doors [probably more than I realized, ever] are open for the writer.  Life, becoming more Literary, by the day.  Tonight, spending time in winemaking research.  Lovely progress with project R.  I’ll be ready when it’s time for release.. ignition.

Tomorrow, beginning a video blog on harvest 2012, even though it hasn’t technically started.  It’s right around the corner.  Tomorrow’s temps, as predicted by The Weather Channel, that I continue to credit Dad with getting me interested in this rich resource, give tomorrow 86 degrees.  These vines, continuing in their vitalization, push to picking.  No wine tonight, just a couple IPA’s, some sparkling waters.  The Merlot from last night, just nice, sippable, recreationally enjoyable.  Not really riveting like the Chardonnay from a couple nights ago, that made me understand how incredible the varietal can be.. that I need to make my own.  But, with this video blog, I want to just capture the fruit where it is, thus far in vintage, as well as other terroir aspects–soil, topography, whatever else I can find.  My journey as a winemaker started last harvest, it joltingly excellerates with this one.

2morrow, little Kerouac’s 6 months.  How?

(8/14/12, Tuesday)