2 tempestuous

waiting for storms.  just a little tune shift.

i’m looking for keys to my kindness.  r they

in this room with me?  barreling my recent

personality blend.  hope it sells well.

if at all.  box my wildness, confining

it to more lessons.  to teach… what?  echo

again, just for them.  stand by stop sign, think

i felt a drop.  or not.  not so much.  not at all.

oxen bottled, for amusement– then sleep, sip

to awake stay.  air grumble– happier.  hold to its

outline.  write around that.  i will.  my age, only a figment.

more amusing than anything else.  then, fronts change

their minds.  lottery for hotter breeze.  additionally,

numbers might be backwards– the forecast in 4 casts.  flat.