“Now, where’s the manufacturing part to this gig?

she said, as we made our way down the hill, driving right at 10 mph.  She was from New York, and with her husband, a glowing supporter of our wines.  She, an adamant admirer.  Tonight, I’m back to wine, no beer.  ’09 Sonoma Valley Cabernet, lower elevation.  Talked to Mom, she said she spoke with Katie, and that she’s bringing something back from France for me.  A bottle of wine?  A new winemaking reference [book]?  Who knows.  But, I have resolved that I’m detaching from beer for a while, re-focusing on wine for a while.  Especially with my winemaking aims restored, resurrected, restructured.  Early this morning, made a copy of direct winemaker tech notes on tonight’s ’09 Cab.  Already know how it tastes–well, I remember how it tasted three days ago.  And, that was a starkly contrasting character from what I met only days before that.  That’s what I love about Cabernet as a varietal.. its meandering ways; phantasmagoric, entrapping; a cooperative curse.

The gentleman from today’s tour, his wife as well: huge Zinfandel chasers.  Me, not of their palate pursuit, but I really enjoyed being in their passion’s proximity.  Even further convinced me that I need my label airborne.  No money thrown into the envelope today.  And that’s fine, as I see.  Tomorrow, though, I’m hoping for some gratuities, as it’s Saturday, and it’s expected to be in the 80s.  Not too hot, just what everybody hopes for coming to wine’s land from out-of-state.  Want to do this the same way the Kosta Browne crew built their operation.  From tips.  So, tomorrow, planning on mustering wine magic.  And, I’ll still get material.  Win-win.

Still haven’t printed that pages I wanted to from this morning.

10:16pm.  Just writing to write, I feel.  With this day’s latter portion.  This Cab, of French and Hungarian [oak] influence.  Musically assimilated personas from oak’s view.  Like this kind of CS, one that doesn’t overstep, one that inspires.  Used to say that I was a calm Cabernet, or that I wanted to be one.. we’ll see.  In my little pages, I drew a sample by-vintage plan for whoso.  Each year, producing two SB’s; one 100% stainless, the other 70% stainless, 30% French oak (maybe 1-2 years used); two Syrahs: one, 100% Syrah Noir, the other, of various clones, and 70% French oak, 30 neutral French.  Then, 3 different style Cabs.  What those would be, entail, deliver.. I didn’t specify.  Have to enjoy my sips to dive further into this wined vagary.

Definitely need to continue with this dialogue trap I have set for any character near me.  It’s proving far to amusing to just pull.  When traveling, I can only imagine the different people that’ll offer free material for these pages.  Suddenly feeling more than confident.  With another sip of this ’09 SoValley CS, I’m hovering above anxiety, laughing at it.  Taunting it, daring it to make another pass.  Looking at the clock, a little behind schedule for night.  Can hear the crickets from this side of kitchen’s window, its shudders.  What are they telling me?  Couldn’t just be nothing.. Nana used to tell me their chirps mean it’ll be hot the next day.  Good, I’m thinking.  That’ll being sippers to Kenwood.