7:15am.  No coffee yet, but otherwise ready for day.  Know I have a big group, think about 30, early in day, set for cave/barrel tour.  Other than that.. just waiting for dialogue bits.  Not sure if I have anything else to log, here, now.  Kind of hate that feeling.  But, should writers always have something to write about?  Part of me says yes, the other responding, “What a stupid question.  How could someone ALWAYS have something to write about?”

Looks slightly cloudy, but I’m sure that’ll burn off like yesterday’s A.M. gray.  Last night’s ’09 Cab, to be cross-examined in tonight’s types.  Love that character, I have to note.  Expansive, deep, yet seductively simple; nothing overstated.  Isn’t that what balance is supposed to embody?

Stepped from shower thinking of novels, novels about people, at work.  In the wine world (tasting Room and elsewhere), and other stages; what work does for a person; positive, negative, neutral.  That’s always fascinated me.  When someone’s proud to say what they do, almost eager to tell.  And, when others are incredibly reluctant, shamed.. The role “work” holds in our continuums.. possible project.  Okay, need coffee, I’m realizing.  Hate that I’m hooked.  Not going to that corporate coffee corral for this morning’s injection.  Would love to, for my gorgeous mocha, but no.

8:19am.  With coffee sip-ready, I need to start sipping.  Where’d the morning go?  Have to leave in 20 mins.  Time, still not liking that I don’t in any way like IT.  And onward…  Dialogue, rhyme, the day’s mission.  Can’t remember where I’m placed today.  Don’t think it’s the mountain.  Hopefully the main tasting Room, that’s where all the material waits.  More of it, more speeded, useful droves.  Downstairs to make Self a lunch.  Till the eve…


7:10am.  Brought home one of the Magnolia Lane 2011 SB’s.  Had to.  Wanted to, and still want to, enjoy that tropical palate ballad here, in a more serene setting.  $2 today tipped.  To Winemaking envelope.  Lost track of what’s in there, as I deposited some stray quarters I found this morning.  Guessing I’m around $40, or $50.  I don’t know.  But I should be on some kind of audit schedule, to make sure I’m somewhat on track concerning my Sept goal.  Had some winemaking notes that I need to later address.  One of which: the V&E Program at Davis.  Yes, V&E.  Not Creative Writing, not Lit.  But something science-grounded.  I’ll be honest, as a writer, an ARTIST, I don’t think my brain can handle all the equations, numbers, symbols.  But I can make it, or I can try.  Right?  Each sip of this Sauv Blanc tells me to just sprint to fantasy, embrace.  Tonight’s goal, after this entry, spoken word.  Poetry only.  The prose, exhausting me.  Need another glass.  OH, and concerning my vintage model, for my winery, I’m thinking 3 SB’s, 2 Syrahs, 3 Cabernets.  Just thought of it today, as we were closing, me walking back out to the tasting Room to see if all the bottles were counted.  I’m a writer, fully understanding this business, not letting anything dilute my passion for wine.  And that’s the problem with the “industry” component: it takes away from the WINE.

(6/30/12, Saturday)