Need to produce a ticket but forgot how to do a couple parts.  Now, stressing…. Calm down.  Just focus on the system itself, I tell myself.  It can’t be that hard…

10:14 —> Feeling MUCH better.  Was shown how to do one thing, ONE, and everything is like…. Completely different.  Nurse sending me sweet messages, encouraging, postiivity avalanche.  The iced latte’s caffeine rushing through me like wolves, ambition animals that won’t be stopped no matter what’s thrown at them…

Then I get an idea.. then another.  I want to be challenged, accosted and fight it all off by not fighting but loving, moving on.

Kids this morning, all getting lots of sleep and cooperative especially Jack.  Henry requesting I put his sweater on immediately before getting in car.  I did.  And we were off.  Meeting time points and no obstacles or impediments.

It actually feels like a Friday.  Imagine that.

Feeling not so much comfortable, but confident in this MSP story.  Someone, Mannie my running buddy from Sonic, said I’m his motivation.  Unworthy of that, but the words motivate me to step it up, intensify – amplify, diversify, all efforts multiplied.  I am running 10k at lunch, at least.  Possibly another 6.5 if I can.