Home and settling in.  Laundry, football.  Relax.  No pressure.  Self-talk and care.  Missing the Nurse already but trying to distract self.  Henry asks for a snack, which makes me hungry but I’m too motivated and busy to eat anything.

Photography, the sole focus.  Ordered some glasses to be shipped to the house ‘cause I can’t fucking find mine.  I’m not looking these new pairs arriving. Challenge to self.  Be more like the Nurse I tell myself, hold yourself to it.  Still be you, but less like the old and more a newer New.

Henry comes in to throw away his napkin while I look through old shots.  The vineyard, and now with my winery vertical in this new tech story from an MSP angle..

One of the steel stakes in the vineyard with the trellising wires.  Can’t remember when this was taken and it doesn’t matter really.  Get out there more, I tell myself.  At one winery last week, then another, took some shots but none with the camera, all were with my phone.

Writing a new business plan… documentarian.  From Henry and the Nurse wrestling upstairs yesterday before heading to Vacaville to Henry rushing ini here demanding a yogurt pouch and situation at the kitchen island counter, which I refer to as the 228 bar.