Meeting ending.  Kids at school, about to go for a run.  I don’t give a shit what the air quality is.  Nurse coming over last night for dinner, seeing and playing with the kids, especially Henry.  Total family night, Nurse telling me about some goals earlier in the day then me connecting it to the work conversation she had with Dad at the kitchen island counter.  This morning me with a turning mind, putting things on an internal drawing or war board.

Time for an offensive.  Not just cheesy self-motivation talk, but a real and sharp and precise forward.  Changing diet and food intake in a couple arenas.  Not elaborating, just doing it.  Time last night passing faster than anything I’ve experienced.  Run today will reflect the energy and intent, the spiderweb of intentions an d visions where I sit at this desk.

Morning office thoughts not stopping.  More input and recollection than I can inventory.  Sip coffee, read Sedaris.  One of his entires talking about taking “great joy” in grading papers.  Jack telling me this morning he is becoming addicted to reading.  Now I’m thinking about the classroom again.  The days when students and I would talk about what we read…