Had to submit a couple receipts I forgot, for work expenses and the associate reimburse.  Part of the role at which I need to get better.  Two uber rides yesterday I need to log, in addition to transferring the writing from the work laptop.

Perfect night with North Bay Nurse….  Telling me more about her story and we having more of our playful disagreements on random insignificant topics like salad dressing, table types, and there was one other thing that had me with stomach cramps.

Working from home today, and committed to advancing in the real estate operation…. 

Coffee upstairs, should get it in a bit.  Workout EOD planned today, after taking some things for the kids to their mom’s.

Don’t much feel like writing, or working.  Just thinking, replaying last night.  The drive from Novato to the loft, and……

Clouds outside, chilly.  Again, just thinking… collecting.  What I do next.  Waiting till next check to make a certain move, and the …. Never mind….  I have it written, decreed, planned prominently.

Devoting the entire day to this, business, no distractions.  What do I want in real estate?  Do I want to sell, buy and sell?  Possibly.  I love the not knowing to be honest…