5-21-23 ::: 08:29 up early-ish.  Didn’t stay out late after Britt’s wedding, home and with projects

to hit.  I wake in the same attitude and truth.  Laundry going, need to clean all three floors. Declutter, organize, simplify.  Lunch date with myself at 13:00 I think, walk to one of the spots.  Definitely not Kin, maybe KC’s, or Oliver’s for my usual sushi and Pliny.  Sounds perfect.

Elaborate yet contained project from a simple Sunday.  This is a taste of the future with no wineries on days off.  No tasting rooms, no dealing with dumb questions, snobby club members.  But forget all that, that’s negative. 

Now, these Sundays are MINE.  EOD, inventory all steps and advance.

Shower in a bit, more laundry, and more coffee definitely.   I’m not used to this, the entirety of a day to ME.  Nothing squandered, nothing dismissed or taken for granted, nothing like that.

Listing domain names and only picking three to five at max.  What to do with them, surround prop tech with ideas, aggrandize.  Get further into the real estate world by way of a blog, writing, maybe eventually investing.

Pictures of the beach, family, yesterday… another time-sting.