13:57 back from groceries and lunch, Oliver’s.  Sushi and Pliny.  Not sure why that’s such a go-to, and I’ve been consistent with it, never veering when there for lunch.

Going through pictures from the Dry Creek shoot earlier.  Yoakim Bridge Road, fruit just starting to set.  Haven’t been there, on that Road, in over a week. Knowing photography calls me, paired with writing, other media… building something.  Sonoma County-based and built.

Not sure what direction to take photography if I’m to have it as an ancillary or partially primary stream.  Looking at these vineyard rows and the vineyard just planted or about to be planted, the suggestion in metaphoric chord roars and my core.  And not just for work or money purposes, or even creative ones.  For happiness… what brings you a smile, all days.  Doing something you love, as your “job”, giving you moments where you question yourself, “I get paid to do this?”

Dad used to tell me there were times like that in the cockpit, flying over some sight, or some cloud formation, and he’d have to turn to the CP and ask.

No idea where I’m going, but I’m going.